Finding a Car in an Indoor Parking Structures

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S. Sasirekha, I. Joe Louis Paul, T. Shanmughapriya, Anshıta Sharma


Nowadays, most of the shopping malls, airports, hospitals, etc. have underground parking lots where hundreds of vehicles can be parked. However, first-time visitors find it difficult to remember the parked location in the indoor parking structures. Hence, in this project a navigation system for visitors to find their cars in indoor parking garages is proposed. The proposed system comprises a positioning-assisting subsystem and a car-searching mobile app. The subsystem uses beacon technology for indoor positioning and supporting Mobile app for self-guidance. In the phase of setting up this position assisting system, local coordinate is estimated to support the identification of the locations of parking spaces, beacon devices ranges and to overcome the trilateration issues. The position-assisting subsystem is implemented using Moko H2 navigation beacon devices and a car-searching mobile app was designed to using Android platform. The proposed system is deployed on real time car parking platform and the experimental results verified that the system works well to provide the visitors with route guidance. The designed system also finds its scope in providing flexible guidance to people in confusing, unknown buildings and building complex

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