“Effectiveness of Art Therapy vs. Play Therapy on level of anxiety among hospitalized Children - A Randomized Controlled Trial.”

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Ms. Pragnya Paramita Bhoi, Prof. Dr. Niyati Das, Mrs. Purnima Sahoo, Mrs. S.Bhaktiswarupa


Aim : To compare the effect of Art therapy and Play therapy on level of anxiety among  hospitalized children

Methods : A randomized controlled parallel group trial was done on 66, 2-4 years hospitalized children for the study. Art therapy and Play therapy was given to two experimental groups and control group received daily routine care. A self structured tool was used for the assessment for anxiety in the hospitalized children.

Results : Between the three groups, there was a statistically significant difference in post test results (p=0.001). Art and play therapy are both effective in lowering anxiety in hospitalised children. Play therapy is more beneficial than Art therapy, according to the post hoc analysis.  Statically significant association of anxiety was found with the father’s education, socioeconomic status, other activities during hospitalization and duration of hospitalization.

Conclusion : It is concluded that anxiety is one of the most common experiences of all hospitalised children, and that it has a detrimental impact on both the length of stay and the quality of nursing care. Art and play therapy helps hospitalised children feel less anxious, which improves the level of care they get. It is less expensive, more convenient, and requires less talents.

Practice Implication : Nurses can improve their ability to implement Art and Play therapies. This approach can be used by nurses as a diversion therapy to help the children relax. Art and play therapy help professionals and children communicate more effectively and improve children's cooperation while they are in the hospital.

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