The Method of Revolution of the Prophet (PBUH) (Minhaj-e-Inqilab-e-Nabawi): Thoughts and Ideas of Dr. Israr Ahmed

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Amara Hanif, Noor Fatima


Dr Israr Ahmed's Minhaj-e-Inqilab-e-Nabawi is one of the few great revolutions in the Islamic world. The only way to save the Ummah from the path that the Islamic world is heading at the moment is revolution. This was the reason why Dr Israr Ahmed took the path of the Islamic Revolution to save the Ummah from the darkness of ignorance and to guide it on the path of guidance. In order to carry out a revolution in any region or nation, it is necessary to have a revolutionary thought, which already exists for the Islamic revolution. The formation of a movement for the construction of revolutionary thought and the propagation of revolutionary thought among the masses to make its purpose clear are also among the important early stages of the revolution. No revolution is possible without going through these stages. The first revolution of the Prophet in the Islamic world is like a great revolutionary process.

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