Electronic Commerce and It Impacts On Global and Market Trend in India

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Krishan Kumar


In Asia, the e-commerce market is prospering and primed for rapid expansion. There are certain players that have gotten off to a good start. Their success is dependent on their market knowledge and ability to provide a variety of features. Management Information Systems, Finance and Accounting, Marketing, and Computer Sciences of E-Commerce on Business were highlighted in the research study. The term "electronic commerce" refers to the practice of conducting business over the Internet. The strongest effects may be connected with less visible, but potentially more widespread, effects on normal business activities, rather than many of the aspects that receive the most attention. The marriage of electronic commerce and business will usher in a new era in marketing.Because it provides opportunity to get closer to customers, bring customers inside the organization, and test new product ideas on real customers. In this essay, we'll look at the advantages of e-commerce and how it affects the market. This paper covers the potential growth categories in India's E-Commerce and provides an overview of the future of E-Commerce in India. In this research, we discovered that in the rising market of India, overall electronic commerce will grow tremendously in the future years.

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