A Study on the Culture and Creation of Guangxi Luo Yue Dance

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Yuxiao Xu,Phakamas Jirajarupat


Dance is a cultural epitome with deep cultural heritage and distinctive regional characteristics, and is a highly recognizable cultural symbol. This paper examines the aesthetic value of Luo Yue dance from the perspective of dance culture, and also examines the cultural memory of the Luo Yue descendants through fieldwork, participant observation, and interviews, and explores the historical and cultural values of Luo Yue dance through the use of sociological, historical, semiotic, and ecological theories. Based on the consideration of the significance of the revitalized reproduction and heritage development of Luo Yue culture, as well as the historical culture of Luo Yue dance and the true form of Luo Yue dance, and the historical examination and field investigation of Luo Yue culture, the dance drama "Out of Zu'an" was created to cut into the dance creation research, and also further enhance the social awareness and cultural dissemination of Luo Yue culture.

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