Determinant of Millennials’ Retention and Perception towards the Existence of Technology in Malaysia’s Hotel Industry

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Khoo Wei Wen, Albattat and Ahmad, Jacquline Tham


The hotel industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. Fewer Millennials are willing to work in the hotel industry, which primarily employs unskilled workers. The purpose of this study is to look at the factors that influence millennials' retention and perceptions of technology in the Malaysian hotel industry. This study is carried out using a quantitative method. The Google Forms questionnaire was created and distributed to Millennial employees in star rated hotels in Kuala Lumpur. Employee retention strategies such as personal emotion support, reward and recognition, work environment, and work characteristics, according to the findings of this study, can boost job satisfaction, which leads to retention. It is vital for businesses to be able to keep its people in order to stay in business. Despite the fact that this study intended to include all aspects of staying at a company for a long period, it fell short. According to the study, compensation, work schedule flexibility, and work-life balance are the most important factors for employees to stay with the company, while lower compensation and benefits, inequality and favouritism, a lack of importance for professional growth, and a lack of development opportunities are the most important factors for employees to leave. According to the research, the organisation should focus on the following retention measures to boost employee happiness and retention: flexible working hours, employee awards, and career development programmes.

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