Exploring UAE Primary School Teachers’ Classroom Management Strategies in Dealing with Disruptive Students: A Case Study

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Ayeda Abdulla Saeed Al Shebli, Dr. Mohamed Al Hosani


The teachers are always keen to develop efficient classroom management strategies to deliver quality education but it’s always difficult for them to manage the students having disruptive behavior. Therefore, this research explores UAE primary school teachers’ classroom management strategies in dealing with disruptive students. The study has used a qualitative approach by conducting five individual interviews with teachers and doing ten classroom observations. Several classroom management strategies were identified. The results revealed that the classroom management strategies used by teachers in dealing with disruptive students are establishing classroom rules and routines with their students, praising students, using meaningful interactions, using direct strategies, and fostering positive teacher-student relationships. Some teachers prefer to avoid the use of punishment strategy while dealing with disruptive students. The findings of this research can help the researchers, teachers, and school leaders who are searching for solutions to manage disruptive students

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