The impact of various interventions introduced by nrsp on livestock & enterprise development in tehsil takht bhai.

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Muzafar Khan, Samina Rooh


This study was conducted to study the impact of various interventions introduced by NRSP on livestock & enterprise development in Tehsil Takht Bhai and to find out the effect of those interventions on the form of income. For this purpose 20% sample of the total households in three villages was taken and 96 respondents were randomly selected and interviewed. The study showed that significant awareness about the impact of various interventions was created by NRSP among the respondents by involving them in planning, decision making, implementation, monitoring and financial support. Results also revealed that various activities of NRSP such as micro-credit have increased per acre yield of the sample respondents. Various activities such as vaccination & treatment of animals, NRM trainings and financial support have subsidized in the development of livestock in the target area. Proper guidance and financial support in small enterprise development have positively affected the development of general stores, fruit shops & vegetable huts in the project area. Due to increased production of livestock & small enterprise sectors, the average monthly income of the sample respondents increased by 49.25% in project area. Various interventions introduced by NRSP for livestock & enterprise development have a great role in providing employment opportunities as well as better life standard. Now people seem more motivated for these interventions due to the efforts of NRSP. The study suggested that the credit should be increased with low interest and easily provided in time. For livestock & small enterprise development, proper guidance, monitoring and evaluation are necessary. Fish, bee keeping, dairy farms, poultry etc. should be introduced and shopkeepers should be motivated, guided by social organizers and enterprise must be promoted in the target area.

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