Reasons for School Dropout: A Case Study in Southern Chilean Schools

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Carlos Arriagada Hernández , Carolina Flores Jiménez, Cristhoffer Manzano Manzano, Frano Giakoni-Ramírez, Daniel Duclos-Bastias, David G. Miranda


School dropout is an issue that is present in the educational system of our country, Chile. It consists of dropping out of the educational system, due to different factors such as socioeconomic vulnerability, family circle problems, among others. With this research it is considered that the different establishments have different factors that lead the student to drop out of school. In addition, different tools used by the establishment itself for the prevention and solution of dropout cases. The purpose of the research is to know the perceptions of managers and teachers regarding school dropout in educational establishments in the IX Region of Araucanía. The methodology of this research is qualitative, which is carried out through semi-structured interviews. The participants were the management teams of different schools in Araucanía, such as Los Laureles, Padre las Casas, Puerto Saavedra and Curacautín. The main results of this study show that the schools in the IX Region of the Araucanía have the resources to provide the necessary help to the students, and thus prevent them from dropping out of school. In addition, the management team is proactive regarding the difficulties expressed by the students, since they work with students and parents to provide them with motivation, information and benefits about finishing their studies.

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