Ethics in the Pharmaceutical Business

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Suwari Akhmaddhian, Amirudin, Paisal Halim, Ramlan Siregar, A. Rahim


This paper discusses the pharmaceutical industry which is an important complement in the hospital sector. Without medicine, hospitals will find it difficult to carry out activities. Interestingly, the behavior of the pharmaceutical industry actually refers to maximize profits. This behavior certainly enters the hospital sector which is a sector with a social tradition of humanity. In this case the question is, are there ethical considerations in the pharmaceutical industry that maximize profits? In the health sector, the pharmaceutical industry has a big influence on hospitals and various health care organizations. The amount of drug turnover can reach 50%-60% of the hospital budget. Medicine is an important part of the hospitals, doctors, and patients. Therefore. it is necessary to understand the behavior of the pharmaceutical industry in the context of economic applications in hospitals.

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