The Khel System of Administration in the Medieval Assam: an Analysis

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Porishmita Boruah, Dr. Tarun Dutta


A peaceful and prosperous society and a stable government is depending upon a highly effective and efficient administration. The Ahoms of Assam ruled for a long duration of 600 years without any internal disturbance except the Moamoriya  rebellion in the last part of Ahom rule. The Khel system of Ahom administration was one effective organization formed by the Ahom rulers, probably by the first Ahom king Sukapha. The system rooted deep with the passing of time and expansion of territory. It was formed in a very systematic manner from top to bottom. Khels enjoyed limited autonomy within their organization and maintained harmony among the people of various tribes. For a long period the khels formed the backbone of the administrative machinery of the state. It also reflected the unique place occupied by the common man of Assam in the state affairs.

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