Automatic Bottle Filling, Capping and Labelling Using Alarm Management System

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Ms. Diptee Patil, Pratik Jadhav, Shivani Ghorpade, Pratiksha Gulave


In this paper a bottle filling, capping and labelling machine is introduced using Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) based controller in automation industry. The main aim of the paper is to design and fabricate a small and a simple system using PLC. The belt conveyor is used for moving the bottle. A dc pump is set to tank to control the flow of water. The position of bottle is detected by proximity sensor so that pump can be functioned at right time. When bottle is under the tank, the pump is started and bottle is filled by water. Then capping of the bottle takes place using piston rotation system and then labelling is done. All the components perform well. This machine is cost effective and it can be used in small scale bottle filling systems such as coffee shops, juice shops and other beverage industries

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