Design Of Stationery Management Information System In Malang Customs

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Muhammad Iqbal Akbar, Arafah Husna, Ahmad Fahmi, Asep Sunandar, Eris Dwi Septiawan Rizal


The Intelligence And Enforcement Section At Malang Customs And Excise Was Assigned To Build One Of The Systems Related To The Duties And Sops In The Intelligence And Enforcement Section. One Of The Problems That Were Found Was That The ATK Data Collection System Had Not Implemented The Recording Of Every Use Of Stationery. This Situation Caused The Stationery Number And Availability Not To Be Directly Monitored By The Employees. The Offered Solution For This Problem Was To Design A System That Could Organize The ATK Data Collection. The System Had Various Recording Features Ranging From Requesting Stationery, Monitoring The Availability Of ATK, To Recording ATK Usage. So, Building An ATK Management Information System Made It Easier To Monitor The Availability Of Stationery In Real-Time

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