Impact of Employees Motivational Factors towards SIPCOT Industrial Units in Tamilnadu

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Dr. M. Rajarajan, R. Ranjitha


Employee motivation is defined as a force that propels people toward achieving industry-specific goals and objectives. It is currently one of the hottest topics in industry, as everyone wants to get the most out of their financial and human resources. The main goal of this research is to find out what types of elements influence employee motivation in SIPCOT and to see how motivation influences employee performance. Using an interview schedule, data was obtained from 150 employees in the aluminium, pharmaceutical, and textile industries.The influence of employee motivation on employee performance is investigated using descriptive analysis, Chi-square and ANOVA test in this study. Employee motivation and performance have a considerable and favourable link, according to the findings of this study. In addition, intrinsic incentives are found to have a considerable beneficial association with employee performance and motivation. Employee perceptions of training efficacy have a negative link with motivation, according to this study. It's also clear from their comments that they were given training courses, but that they didn't use them in their daily job because they thought they were ineffective.

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