Return On Investment: A Comparative Statement Of Real Estate And Gold

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Mahesh Kumar


The articles highlight the return volatility, return on investment of goal, and real estate in India. Returns on investment of gold and real estate are determined through generalized autoregressive conditional heteroscedasticity dynamic conditional correlation. The global financial and monetary market has been diverted through economic cruises that have made the monetary market highly volatile.  Diversification of investment into various instruments such as gold and real estate leads to the investment opportunity to the financial and monetary market. Significant amounts of investors in India are affected by the volatility in the return of gold and investment.  A financial market investment has been shifted away from gold and real estate. By the year 2021, India's real estate will reach US$ 180 billion. The housing sector in India is considered to be 11% of India's GDP. Gold and real estate have a major contribution to the total investment of the Indian market.

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