The relationship Between the Objectives of Training Programs and the Performance of Workers in the Banking Sector in Palestine

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Hasan M. Tomizh, Mohd Saiful Izwaan Saadon, Aleef Omar Shah Bin Nordin


This study aimed to know the relationship between the objectives of the training programs and the performance of the employees working in the various banks operating in Palestine In light of globalization and scientific and technological challenges, the banking sector operating in Palestine seeks to compete and excel. In order to achieve excellence, competitiveness and resilience, the banking sector relied on adopting advanced strategies to train employees and develop efficiency to achieve the highest quality of performance and achieve goals. Through this study, the researcher focuses on the relationship between the objectives of training programs and employee performance. To achieve this, the current research used a questionnaire and interviews, as it distributed 190 questionnaires to employees in different banks, and conducted eight interviews with human resource managers in banks. The interview consisted of six questions, the answers to which were open. The SPSS program was used for analysis and processing

Results of this study included that the existence of a strong relationship and the impact of the objectives of training programs on the overall performance of employees One of the most important recommendations is the need for trainees to understand the goals and objectives of the training programs

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