Customer Satisfaction and Banking Performance with Special Reference to Urban Areas

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Amit Bansal, Yogesh


“Customer satisfaction is playing a significant role in all organizations. In products manufacturing organizations, customers should be satisfied with the products especially quality and price of the product. Banking industry is the service industry and providing various financial services to its customers. Indian banking industry is rendering their services according to the directions of Reserve Bank of India. As banking industry is service providing industry and customers’ satisfaction is vital in its business. Customer satisfaction is important for the destiny increase of each financial institution and us of a financial system increase also. This look at made to decide customer satisfaction on the basis of banking services. Present study based on primary data. Primary data collected through questionnaire. The questionnaire collected from 40 peoples in urban area of Gurugram district of Haryana State.  All kind of people included in sample collection like Students, Employees, businessman and retired persons. To check customer satisfaction used the pre-examined 5 factors Likert’s scale test.”

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