E-Retailing: Challenges and Opportunities in India

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Dr. Anshuja Tiwari


The impact of the Internet and E-Commerce on traditional forms of retailing has been enormously observed and discussed. The concept of E- Retailing is not restricted to the young generation only but in this modern era almost one and all is acknowledging it and directly or indirectly deals with it. Without doubt, the existing ways of operating and the associated cost structures within retailing will be reassessed under the onslaught of new technology and new retail structures. This paper is an attempt by the researchers to discuss the challenges and to find out further opportunities in the field of E-Retailing in India. It reviews the situation as well as the introduction of new strengthens. This research is micro and descriptive in nature; the data collection is secondary in character. The data has been gathered from various secondary sources such as research journals, articles, news papers, magazines and E- Resources as well. Three conclusions are drawn. First, the largest retailers are now pursuing Internet-enabled advantages and cost reductions in operations, which could translate to enhanced competitive position in process, structure and relationship terms. Secondly, consumer reactions to the new real and virtual offers will be fundamental to their success and failure, but as yet consumer reactions are not fully understood. Thirdly, existing retail floor space will need enhancement in quality and presentation if it is to continue to provide retail functions.

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