Social Conditions And Challenges Faced By The Ambulance Drivers

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Dr. Alan Godfrey. A, Ms. M. Indhumathi


India Is At A Dire Condition Having 2,46,116 Deaths Recorded Since The Outbreak Of The Pandemic. (Cssegisanddata, 2020/2021; Dong Et Al., 2020) Ambulance Drivers Are One Group Among The Front Line Workers Who Have Majorly Contributed Their Service During The Pandemic. Though Some Of The Workers Are Paid By Through Government, Yet Many Fall Under Contract Or Private Workers And There Exists A Disparity In The Type Of Work Rendered As They Fall Under The Non-Unionised Type Of Workers (Unpaid For 3 Months, No Safety Gear, N.D.). Indian Labour Force Is Vast That Population Such As The Ambulance Workers Are Less Studied. The Pandemic Situation Has Increased The Work Hours Of Every Frontline Workers Increasing The Availability Of The Workers (Gupta & Sahoo, 2020). Their Conditions Are Deteriorating And Their Challenges Need To Be Studied Which Led To The Premise Of The Present Study. The Main Objective Of The Study Is To Understand The Social Conditions And Social Challenges Faced By The Ambulance Drivers And Suggest The Measures For Development. A Multiple Research Enquiry Was Adopted For The Purpose Of The Study Where 13 In-Depth Interviews And 1 Focus Group Discussion Was Conducted Among Ambulance Drivers In Bengaluru And Kanchipuram Districts. The Study Is Based On Sustainable Livelihood Approach (Serrat, 2017) As The Theoretical Premise With Which The Findings Have Been Analysed. The Findings Express That There Have Been Issues Already Such As Job Insecurity, Untimely Work, Work Overload Which Are Now At An Escalated Level  With No Safety Measures Ensured, Less Support And Representation Of Their Problems At The Management Level. The Reseachers Further Mentioned The Suggestion Made By The Ambulance Workers Themselves For Various Stake Holder In The Full Article.

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