The Impact of Pictures and Graphs on ESL learners’ Vocabulary building at Elementary level

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Dr. Muhammad Akram, Arfa Ajmal, Saba Fayyaz, Sidra-tul- Muntaha


This research was based on the impact of pictures and graphs while teaching vocabulary to students at the elementary level. This was experimental research. Sixty students of the eighth class were chosen randomly as a sample for this research. Some steps helped the researcher collect data: pre-test, treatment, and post-test. The data description was based on planning, implementing, and processing the standard teaching and assessment system according to the set parameters in the lesson plan. The collected quantitative data was analyzed by using SPSS. Statistical analysis (mean, standard deviation) of quantitative data was done using ANOVA. The data analysis found out that an F-value of the effect of the teaching method was 10.781 and significance value was .002 where it is less than 0.05, and the mean score of post-test for the experimental group was 87.60 and for the control group were 80.80. The findings of this research showed that the use of pictures and graphs has a significant impact on learning vocabulary at the elementary level. Finally, the researcher encouraged and supported the students to learn their vocabulary through pictures and graphs instead of another way.

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