Social Security of Migrant Workers in India : A Critical Analysis in the Light of Covid-19 Pandemic

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Ms. Debalina Chatterjee, Dr. Madhubrata Mohanty


A pandemic is a health crisis which tests the capability of a nation to effectively safeguard all sections of the population from its impact  and to reduce human loss. Protecting the interests and well-being of the labour force is one of the aims of the International Labour Organisation and this is also necessary to achieve sustainable development goal of the United Nations.The Covid-19 pandemic had devastating effect in 2020 in India. Now India is facing second wave of Covid-19 still the issues of migrant workers are somewhat same. In  any adverse situation be it pandemic or natural disasters migrant workers and their families suffer miserably. In India, an ample size of people annually migrates for earning in elementary services, sales, constructions and domestic industries. The pandemic have ravaged the migrant workers economically, mentally, emotionally, physically and has created a serious humanitarian crisis. The irresponsibility and neglect of the State towards the living conditions of the migrant labourers gained national and international attention during the lockdown period in 2020.Increase in adequate social security schemes and significant laws to protect the interests of the huge population working in unorganised sectors is the need of the hour. This research paper discusses the issues of migrant workers in India during the first wave and second wave of the pandemic respectively. Social security available in other countries is also discussed.Then the research paper discusses the measures undertaken by Government of India and their loopholes. Finally this paper provides some solutions and scope for further research.

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