A Review of NBA Accreditation of Engineering Programs at the Undergraduate Level in India (Tier - II)

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Preeti Tuli, Kaveri Kar, Shraddha Taunk


India has experienced an unprecedented increase in the count of colleges and universities that offer technical education. It is, however, a concern regarding the quality of technical education graduates in the nation. AICTE, which recognizes the importance of quality technical education, established the NBA in 1994 to establish standards for engineering programs. Taking a significant step forward for engineering education, India became a tentative member of the Washington Accord on the 20th June 2007, and became a permanent member on 2014. Accreditation is centered on outcome-based education. Basically, this is a student-centric approach in which student performance is evaluated based on their knowledge, abilities, and attributes.Today, accreditation is a requirement to assure quality, to elevate graduates to global recognition, and to expand the program. The purpose of this paper is to give a brief overview of the NBA accreditation procedure for UG engineering program. We have outlined the procedure for NBA accreditation of those institutions which are part of Tier-II accreditation system.

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