Language as a Powerful Tool for Women’s Rights in Pakistan: A CDA of Feministic Slogans

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Dr. Muhammad Imran, Qurat ul Ain Naeem


This research paper examines thatlanguage is a powerful tool used in the slogans raised in favour of women. It also highlights the disparities in social class and challenges of oppression faced by Pakistani women. This is a qualitative study involving textual analysis. Fairclough's three-dimensional model serves as the theoretical underpinning for this study. The situation of Pakistani women in society under the effect of social pressures is discussed in this study. South Asian women are constantly subjected to patriarchal pressure. This study reveals to what extent they have liberty and basic women's rights. Male dominance, gender disparity, and power are all examined in this study report. Feminism, as a discipline, advocates for women to have equal social status. Many political, social, and cultural movements have fought for equal rights for women throughout the history of human civilization. Feminism is a dogma, a creedcharacterized by a variety of ideas and movements aimed at promoting women's rights.

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