Customer Satisfaction about Service Quality of Public Sector Banks in Cachar District of Assam: An Investigation

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Ranjit Roy, Dr. Kingshuk Adhikari


In a market driven economy, customer is the monarch and the business units are to frame their strategies and policies keeping in view the need and expectation of customers. With the market getting more and more complicated and competitive day by day, improving and innovating Service Quality has become one of the important weapons in the hands of the various industries to fascinate intending customers as well as sustaining the existing ones. Banking sector is one such industry the participants of which make huge investment to improve its service quality in order to sustain and win the cut-throat completion. In fact, service quality has become the most influencing factor for increasing satisfaction level of bank customers. Thus, the present study aims at measuring the extent of customer satisfaction with respect to selected service quality dimensions. The primary data is used for attaining the objectives of the study. For primary data, a sample of 50 bank customers has been taken who are holding accounts with public sector banks. Empathy, Responsiveness, Tangibility, Reliability and Competence are the five factors/ dimensions of service quality selected for the present study.

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