Challenges Faced by Students in Online Teaching Learning Process during COVID-19 Pandemic

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Muhammad Aqeel Malhi, Dr. Shafqat Ali, Dr. Tariq Mahmood


Main purpose of this study was to find out the challenges/problems faced by students in online teaching learning process during covid-19 situation. Objective of the study was to explore technological challenges faced by students in online classes at college and university level during covid-19 pandemic. A five pint Likert scale instrument was developed for data collection purposes. 300 students were selected from colleges and universities through proportionate random sampling technique. Collected data was analyzed through SPSS software. On the bases of findings it was concluded that availability of technological resources and knowledge to use technological resources were the major challenges faced by students during online teaching learning process. Majority of the students faced social isolation, lack of interaction, lack of interest, lack of conceptual learning, lack of practical knowledge at moderate level. On the bases of findings and conclusions it was recommended that there should be proper setup of funds for the provision of technological resources for better improvement in teaching learning process.

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