Women And Children Suffer In Conflict As Nations And Non-State Actors Bask In Complicity And Impunity

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Dr. Sridhar Krishnaswami ,Dr. Archana Arul,


Major General Patrick Cammaert Could Not Have Said It Better: “It Is Now More Dangerous To Be A Woman Than To Be A Soldier In Modern Wars”; And General Cammaert Knew Exactly What He Was Saying As He Was The Deputy Force Commander Of The United Nations Mission To The Democratic Republic Of Congo In 2008, A Country Know To Be The “Rape Capital Of The World” Where Violating Women And Young Children Seemed To Be The Norm Rather Than The Exception. Forget For A Minute The Litany Of Conventions, Protocols And United Nations Security Council Resolutions That Speak Of Sexual Violence As A Breach Of Human Rights And A War Crime, The Fact Remains That Atrocities Against Women And Children, Especially Young Girls, Continues Either With Complicity Or Impunity Or Both.

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