Pharmacological Aspects of Quisqualis Indica Linn and its Medicinal Properties

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Mohammad Shoaib, Diksha Singh


Treatment of chronic diseases like Rheumatoid Arthritis, Diabetes, stroke, heart disease etc. when treated with herbal bioactives considered as promising and more suitable due to its minimum or no side effect and therapeutically effective treatment. These herbal bioactives as herbal medicine obtained from plant source and vegetable source so called as natural sources. From the past two decades, herbalists are using phytogenic agents for the treatment of several chronic as well as acute diseases. In this review article, we had explained briefly about Quisqualis Indica Linn plant as medicinal plant. This plant has been approved as medicinal plant but still used rarely as medicines so this view contrast on medicinal properties of Quisqualis Indica Linn. so as one can utilize in medicinal purpose. Other important application of this plant as for decoration, ornamental purpose. It is evergreen plant and does not depend upon seasons to grow, and available easily. Quisqualis Indica Linn contains phytochemicals such as L-Plorin (α-amino acid), Quisqualic acid (against AMPA receptor), Trigonelline (Alkaloid), L-Aspargine (α-amino acid), Rutin (flavonoid) two forms of cysteine synthase are as Isenzyme A and Isoenzyme B. These phytoconstituents responsible for the various pharmacological activities such as anti-inflammatory activity, antipyretic activity, antibacterial activity, antiseptic activity, immunomodulatory activity, antianthalmentic activity.

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