Security Measures, Challenges, and Realities: Head Teachers’ Contribution to Provide Safe Learning Environment

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Muhammad Faisal Farid, Sabeen Qamar, Shahbaz Ahmad


The objective of this study was to investigate the security measures, challenges, and realities in public and private schools, and head teachers' contribution to providing a safe learning environment. A descriptive survey study design was used to collect the data from 200 school head teachers. A self-reported questionnaire and observational check checklist were developed by the researchers. The main finding of this study revealed that significant mean difference was found between male and female head teachers' contribution to providing safe learning and security measures. Female head teachers faced more challenges than male head teachers (public & private). Headship in the private sector is found more challenging than the public sector. Most of the schools (public) faced unavailability of resources, lack of utilizing physical and environmental security measures, lack of latest electronic/technological equipment, and unprofessional security management. It is the responsibility of district administration to not only support school administration through adequate funds but also encourage private and public sector collaboration in sharing to utilize resources and experiences.

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