A Study on the Impact of Covid-19 Lockdown in Manapparai Steel Factory

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Dr. S. Kumar


            COVID-19 put an immediate halt to many business activities across the globe, as several countries had shut down their ports, airports and domestic transportation while imposing nation-wide lockdowns, leading to a disturbance in business and civil life. The lockdown in India impacted manufacturing activities across the globe. India took special measures to control the spread by imposing one of the longest lockdowns in the world, to cushion the scarce availability of healthcare resources. The enormity of the lockdown affected manufacturing activities and supply chains alike, disrupting the overall economy. While India recovered fairly from the first wave, the second wave has hit the country the hardest in terms of fatalities. The second wave has led to further State-imposed lockdowns, impacting the economy while putting several restrictions in place on key businesses. The aim of the study is to study about the economical losses of steel factory due to covid-19 lockdown, to study about the production and sales of steel factory before and after covid-19 lockdown, to study about the economic impact of covid-19 lockdown on steel factor. The availability of cheap steel allowed larger bridges, railroads, skyscrapers, and ships. Other important steel products were steel cable, steel rod, and sheet steel, which enabled large, high-pressure boilers and high-tensile strength steel for machinery. Military equipment also improved significantly. The iron and steel industry is the bottom line producer industry. This industry is the mother of all industries as it helps other secondary industries and also helps in national development. It is one of the vital aspects of stable growth and economic development.

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