Exploration of Satire, Social Problems and Issues in the Works of Khushwant Singh

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Abdul Majeed Dar


They say, to err is Human, to forgive is Divine. This dictum is a universally accepted one. Yet there are exceptions. What will be the consequence if one goes on committing mistakes throughout? Can he be forgiven forever? Though not punished severely, at least he should be informed of his follies. One of the best ways to make him aware of his frailties is to ridicule and laugh at him. This approach is termed as satire. Though the paper focuses on the Satire, which is established hallmark of Khushwant Singh’s fictional works, however this paper will also highlight in detail the social problems and issues, belief in superstition, initiation of young minds into sex, Jealousy and discrimination which are the main aspects that Khushwant Singh criticizes in his works.

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