Use of a Mean Convolution Mass Filter to Reduce Mango Fruit Noisiness (MCMF)

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B. Bhaskar Reddy, P. Imran Khan, Dr. B. Dhananjaya


Communication is increasingly reliant on the transfer of visual information through digital pictures. The noise is the consequence of picture capture flaws that don't accurately represent the intensity of the real scene. Using this picture as a decision-making tool is a possibility. Use the appropriate algorithm to remove the noise to obtain a high-quality picture. Salt and pepper, Gaussian, and Poisson noise all degrade images, thus it is important to know what kind of noise is present in the picture before attempting to remove it. The "Mean Convolution Mass Filter (MCMF)" method was proposed in the publication. Digital images may be de-noised more effectively with this method compared to other current techniques.

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