A Compendium on the Effect of Mobile Usage on Privacy Breakdown with Special Reference to General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Rules.

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With the vast and rapid growth of Information Technology, it has been observed that as compared to the other electronic devices, the usage of mobile, laptops, desktops are on the top. This automatically has led to protection of our privacy concerns. As a result, issues concerning information security, data protection, online privacy breach. Lack of norms and policies related to privacy protection is also the concern. Despite of using these devices we all are not much aware about the security and privacy protections apps, nor we are much aware about the impact of our privacy breach. Therefore, the researcher main objective is to determine the impact of Mobile usage on privacy right. Focusing on the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which mandates service providers to comprehensively inform users about the purpose and terms of personal data processing, this article examines how increased transparency regarding personal data processing practices in mobile permission requests impacts users in making informed decisions, Lastly, the author will recommend the safety measures to protect our privacy breach.

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