A Study on Media Coverage of Domestic Violence over Working Women during Covid 19: A Survey Analysis

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Padma Ponugoti, Dr. J.Madhu babu


The Media serves as a vital link between the public and society. This paper examines Media coverage of violence against women during the Covid-19 outbreak. "Violence and crimes against women in India are increasing every year, whether at home, at work, on the street, in custody, or elsewhere," writes Dr. L. N Mittal. Media should deliver more accurate, relevant, timely, and actionable coverage to urge victims to respond quickly. In addition, media should emphasize reports on the number of cases of domestic abuse against working women. In this study, researcher use a technique based on an online survey. The information is gathered via a self-made questionnaire. It consisted of 30 questions separated into A and B sections and it covered the following topics: demographics and the amount of media convergence. It is managed by a group of 101 working women. Purposive sampling was utilized in this investigation. The media, according to the findings, plays an active role in propagating violence information through various media vehicles. Not only does this raise awareness about domestic violence during Covid-19, but it also find out the behavioral conditions of   the women. During Covid-19, women in particular are conscious of the importance of media coverage of domestic violence. These findings support the importance of media and institutional trust in determining all major outcomes, as well as evidence that media framing influences people's knowledge, capacity to identify, and attitudes around COVID-19.

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