Green Banking and Sustainable Development: A Study with Respect to India

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Dr. Geeta Sachdeva


One of the fundamental monetary specialists controlling numerous modern exercises and financial development is the monetary foundations like financial area. The financial area can have a mediator job in the midst of monetary turn of events and natural security, for invigorating biologically maintainable turn of events, banking of such kind can be marked as "Green Banking", which alludes to banking business completed in exceptional region and way that helps the lessening of outside fossil fuel byproduct and inside carbon impression. The present paper is an attempt to cover the three major aspects of sustainability i.e. Learning, Leading & Living. As Learning aspect it discovers the concept of Green Banking in India, under Leading aspect it locates international experiences and under Living aspect it discusses the initiatives taken by Indian Banks.Though, it is found that there has not been many programs in this state by the banks in India. Thus, feasible initiatives to promote green banking in India has been suggested. The present study is unique in the sense as it highlights the initiatives taken by almost all major public and private banks in the field of green banking and it also identifies the gaps between international practices and practices followed by Indian banks.

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