A Study on Modification, Adaptation, and Application of Motifs Inspired by historical Monument of Bhopal through Hand Painting

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Dr. Smita Jain, Dr. Ratna Sharma, Ms. Zainab Khan, Ms. Zainab Khan


India is known for its clothing as well as its rich culture. Monuments are buildings, statues, and other structures which are of historical importance. The tradition of India can be conveyed through monumental designs that portray Indian architecture. Moti Masjid is a shining symbol of Bhopal's illustrious past and is easily accessible from all sections of the city. The current study was primarily conducted to collect and development of motifs inspired by Monument, their adaption and application using hand painting, and to assess their acceptability. The sample size for this study was N=60. Adaptation and application of developed design are appreciated by respondents. Responses to the developed design, design placement, colour scheme, and overall appearance of the six products were tested among the Bhopal region's target consumers. Based on the collective data of an individual product it was found that P-3 scored highest. These products thus have a positive impact on used control variables among targeted consumers and reflect product success.

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