Using TGT Method to Enhance the Engineering Graduates’ English Vocabulary at Siddhartha Institute of Engineering & Technology, Puttur, AP

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Dr. K. Dhanalakshmi, Dr. M. M. Gopi, Dr. A. Madhusudhanarao


In this study, action research was conducted over the course of two cycles. The research in this article set out to help seventh students at Siddharth Institute of Engineering & Technology, Puttur, AP, expand their English vocabulary. Twenty-four Engineering Graduates took part in the research, and they were taught new words utilising the TGT method. The SPSS version 22 application was used to run the independent and paired sample t-tests on the quantitative test data. Researchers analysed the qualitative data in a descriptive manner, and the data came from a variety of sources including diaries, questionnaires, open-ended question sheets, and observation logs. Mean test scores climbed from 55.94 (12.5%) before TGT to 66.81 (50%) after TGT in Cycle I, and 83.23 (87.5%) after TGT in Cycle II, suggesting that the participants' English vocabulary grew as a consequence of being exposed to the TGT method. Statistical analysis also shown that TGT led to a notable rise in the students' English vocabulary. The results suggest that teaching Engineering Graduates English vocabulary using the TGT approach helped them expand their vocabularies and succeed in the subject.

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