A Qualitative Study of Adolescent Mental Health: Issues and Challenges in the Stressful Lifestyle

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Manisha Yadav


Each and every adolescent has the right to have a good mental health. The promotion as well as protection of the psychological health of adolescents may help in improving the quality of their lives, strengthening the human capital, help in contributing towards the socio-economic development and create an equitable world. Even though the investment during the effective, early intervention for psychological health of the adolescents was considered to be the best bet over the past few decades, the current evidences indicate that the mental health of the adolescents is still not paid good attention to. The burden of the suboptimal psychological health of adolescents is huge both during the adolescence as well as adulthood. It even helps in influencing the following generations. The summary of knowledge demands an increased attention towards and action about the adolescent psychological health. In that case everyone’s got some role to play. Why is it important to pay attention towards the mental health of adolescents? The paper would answer the question.

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