The Characteristics of the First Semester Final Test Indonesian Class 7

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Suwarto Suwarto


The purpose of this research is to describe: the characteristics of the Indonesian language test based on classical test theory and modern test theory. The research design is quantitative and descriptive. The object of the research is the Indonesian language achievement test, Indonesian language teachers, school principals, and vice principals. The data was obtained from 280 student responses to all answer sheets of 7th grade students of SMP IT MTA Karanganyar as the population of this study. The answer keys to the Indonesian language questions and one package of Indonesian questions (40 multiple choice items) were obtained from the Indonesian language teacher. Research techniques with interviews and documentaries. Data analysis was carried out using the Quest program. The results of the study: (1) Characteristics of the Indonesian language test based on classical test theory: (a) The category of item difficulty in the percentage of easy: medium: difficult = 55%: 37.5%: 7.5%; (b) The item discriminatory category in poor percentage: adequate: good: very good = 10%: 30%: 25%: 35%; (c) Distractor function in ineffective percentage: effective = 46.70%: 53.30%; (d) Test reliability 0.990; and (e) The validity of the test content is met. (2) Characteristics of Indonesian test based on modern test theory: (a) Threshold category of Indonesian test in percentage of very difficult: difficult: medium: easy: very easy = 7.5%:22,5%:35%:25%: 10%; (b) The percentage of match between Indonesian test items and the Racsh model is 100%.

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