Design and Development of 7-Swithced Multilevel Inverter 15 Level Using Fuzzy Logic Algorithm

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P. Shivani, P. V. K. Kumari


Harmonics cause the power quality of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy conversion systems to deteriorate. In order to address this problem, this article looks into how Fuzzy Logic (FL)-based controllers can reduce harmonics in a solar system with a cascaded 15-level inverter. Recently, interest in multilevel inverters has grown as a result of their capacity to produce output waveforms of excellent quality at low switching frequencies. They are therefore incredibly desirable for high-power applications. By removing some of the lower order dominant harmonics, the output waveform's quality can be improved. It is suggested to use a modern multilayer inverter with fewer power switches. This novel cascaded H-bridge architecture multilevel inverter. This study lowers overall harmonic distortion (THD).  In this study, a novel idea for switching frequency with fewer switches is put forth. Compared to previous multilevel inverters, this idea aids in reducing the complexity of switching. A straightforward linear load is used to verify a proposed multilevel inverter with fifteen levels of output. Simulation has been used to validate the suggested concept.

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