Single-Phase Switched-Capacitor Integrated-with Five-level boost Inverter

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B. Aparna, N. Madhuri


Multilevel inverter configurations are a great choice for medium and high power applications. This paper describes a novel five-level (2Vdc, Vdc, 0, Vdc, 2Vdc) boost multilevel inverter based on a single capacitor. The suggested single-phase arrangement has a single dc supply, eight switches, and one capacitor. The capacitor is charged in parallel and discharged in series connections while the inverter is operating in the charge-pump mode, which produces a greater output voltage. The suggested design calls for straightforward control operations, and a level-shift pulse width modulation technique is employed to drive the switches and provide the necessary pulse pattern. With this technique, the reference signal is compared to four carriers. The created inverter has a number of unique qualities, including its small size, simple control needs, boosting capabilities, and use of just one capacitor and one dc source. To assess the effectiveness of the created five-level architecture, the system is simulated using MATLAB/Simulink. The outcomes demonstrate that the constructed five-level multilevel inverter operates as predicted.

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