Power Quality Enhancement by Using UPFC

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S. Ajith Kumar, P. Ram Kishore Kumar Reddy


Energy crisis is a major problem for power system engineers; it is sparked by the enormous demand for energy in the distribution industry. The energy crisis issue might be lessened by upgrading the power system, but it is a time-consuming, difficult, and expensive procedure. Flexible AC Transmission Controllers are an option for this problem. A FACTS controller is made up of a number of controllers, such as SVC, SSSC, UPFC, IPFC, and others that can control the power system's real and reactive power, voltage, and phase angle. Unified Power Flow Controller is the most crucial FACTS controller (UPFC). The most adaptable FACTS device for actual and reactive power flow control and voltage regulation is the Unified Power Flow Controller (UPFC). It is possible to manage the power flow and so significantly lessen the energy issue by integrating UPFC into our contemporary power system. By modelling the power system in MATLAB- SIMULINK, UPFC may allow simultaneous control of real and reactive power flow, enhancing the power system's performance, power quality, and voltage profile.

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