Unhealthy Risk Taking Behaviour in the Classroom. How Teachers Can Deal with It?

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Bilal Ahmad Mir, Syed Ishfaq Ahmad Shah, Yasir Ahmad Dar


The present study aimed at providing holistic understanding about unhealthy risk taking behaviours and how a teacher can overcome these behaviours in the classroom. The study used explanatory research methodology and the sample of the study consists of 100 participants (20 Assistant professors and 80 secondary and senior secondary school teachers). The sample has been selected by making use of purposive sampling and the data from the participants has been collected by making use of self constructed open ended questionnaire. The study revealed that teachers play an important role in handling the overall classroom environment as well as in controlling the unhealthy risk taking behaviours in the classroom. The study also confirmed use of technologies, supervision and monitoring by teacher, active teaching learning classroom are some of the methods which a teacher can use to deal with the unhealthy risk taking behaviours in the classroom.

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