Artificial Intelligence In Business – Benefits And Challenges

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Dr.Girish Kumar Painoli, Dr.Datrika Venkata Madhusudan Rao, Dr. Neha Chowdary, Dr. Narmada Kalgi


Artificial intelligence is an umbrella under which a number of different technologies reside Machine learning, deep learning, and knowledge reasoning is just some of the main branches of artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the dynamics of the business world. Artificial intelligence to improve the performance of the business. We have focused on the benefits and challenges of artificial intelligence in the present business scenario. The study will also give a brief understanding of the future aspiration of artificial intelligence. Lastly, this article includes an analysis of the impact of Artificial intelligence (AI) on business from cost reduction in business operations, cyber security, marketing, innovation, and improved management decision making. Artificial intelligence (AI) has a positive impact on overall business operations.

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