The Impact of Human Resource Management on the Development of Knowledge Innovation An Exploratory Study in the General Directorate of Education in Salah Al-Din / Iraq

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Faisal Adallah Hamadi, Manal Al-Khaleel


This study aimed to know the availability of variable dimensions of human resource management, to identify the availability of the dimensions of the knowledge innovation variable, and to Examining the correlation between the impact of the human resource management variable in its dimensions in the field under study. This study used the descriptive approach, and sample of study included 142  individuals.

The study showed that the number of males is greater than the number of females, results of the study showed that the level of human resource management came to a medium degree, results of the study showed that the level of development of cognitive innovation came to a medium degree, and there is a positive impact of human resource management in its dimensions combined with the development of knowledge innovation. 

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