Exploring Theories of Workplace Gender Inequality and Its Outcomes: A Systematic Literature Review

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Nazia Zabin Memon, Biswajit Satpathy


This study conducted a comprehensive literature review to address the critical issue of gender inequality in the workplace. The aim was to identify and synthesize existing research and provide a theoretical framework for future studies. Following the PRISMA guidelines and using relevant keywords, 76 articles were selected for full-text review from multiple databases. Eight main theories were identified, including Social Comparison Theory, Social Exchange Theory, Gender Stratification Theory, Social Role Theory, Social Identity Theory, Resource Conservation Theory, Role Congruity Theory, and Gender Difference Theory. By developing a theoretical framework, this study provides a basis for future research and allows researchers to develop more robust hypotheses and select appropriate measures and methods. Ultimately, this study contributes to the broader understanding of gender inequality in the workplace and its consequences for organizations and society as a whole

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