An Empirical Study On The Effectivess Of Employee Engagement Practices - It Sector, Chennai.

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Priyanka.L, Dr .B. Shyamaladevi


Employee engagement refers to an employee's sense of duty and belonging to their company and its values. It improves an organization's viability by increasing maintenance, usefulness, security, and productivity. Employees that are engaged care about their company and try to make it a success. Employee engagement is a massive construct that touches almost every human asset across the board. Employee involvement boosts an organization's efficiency. It is a favourable attitude that workers have toward the company and its attributes. The research focuses on how employee engagement may be improved is influenced by their participation in the job they perform, as well as what tactics an organisation should utilise to keep its employees. The descriptive research approach was used in this study to analyse the factors that influence employee commitment in the chosen organisation. Sampling random sampling is the method employed. The sample size was 150, and I used a questionnaire as the main technique of data collection to get employee feedback.

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