Published: 2021-05-12

Maintenance And Welfare Of Parents And Senior Citizens: Legal Insights

Dr. G. Indira Priyadarsini, Dr. Sunitha Kanipakam

920- 924

Real Time Crowd Monitoring and Counting

Navin Singhaniya, Manmeet Kaur, Swastika Patil, Varuni Sawant


Smart Energy Network

Kapila Moon, Rahul Ekilwale, Sandesh Mohite, Pranav Hadavale


Modified Chua Circuit Using Different Non-Linear Functions

Sushma Kodagali, Vishwesh Vyawahare, Deepak Patil


An Enhanced Aggregated Data Forwarding and Distributed Clustering Strategy for Lifetime Maximization in Wireless Sensor Networks

Dr. V. Janakiraman, Dr. K. Sundaramoorthy, Dr. S. Arif Abdul Rahuman, Dr. A. Vivek Yoganand, Dr. E. Gajendran


Use of a Mean Convolution Mass Filter to Reduce Mango Fruit Noisiness (MCMF)

B. Bhaskar Reddy, P. Imran Khan, Dr. B. Dhananjaya


A Second Order Smoothing Penalty Function Algorithm for Constrained Optimization Problems

Darpan Sood , Dr. Amanpreet Singh, Dr. Rama, Dr. Amrit Pal Singh


The Influence of Accounting Information System on the Company’s Effectiveness: A Case Study of Car Companies in Iraq

Raed Mohammed Kakil, Hussein Abdulrahman Khudhur, Rizgar Ali Ahmed, Abdulkhaleq Nader Qader

662 - 674

Counter terrorism: Is counter-terrorism policy evidence-based?

Ms. Pratiksha Pandey, Dr.Umashankar Sharma (Law)


A Study on Challenges and Issues of Women Empowerment in India

M. Thameemul Ansari, Dr. S. Thanikasalam