Here's a policy statement regarding article publication charges for a new volume launched by a journal:

Article Publication Charges Policy for New Volume Launch:

  1. Introduction:

    • As part of our commitment to sustaining the quality and accessibility of scholarly publishing, the journal imposes Article Publication Charges (APCs) for articles accepted for publication in the newly launched volume.
  2. Amount of APCs:

    • The APC for articles published in the new volume is set at $1000 USD per article. This charge covers the costs associated with manuscript processing, peer review, editing, typesetting, online hosting, and other publication expenses.
  3. Applicability:

    • The APC applies to all articles accepted for publication in the inaugural volume of the journal. Authors are notified of the APC upon acceptance of their manuscripts for publication.
  4. Payment Deadline:

    • Authors are required to pay the APC in full within [specify timeframe, 30 days] of receiving the acceptance notification to ensure timely publication of their articles.
  5. Payment Procedure:

    • Upon acceptance of the manuscript, authors will receive detailed instructions on how to process the APC payment. Payments can typically be made online through secure payment portals.
  6. Waiver Policy:

    • The journal recognizes that some authors may face financial constraints that hinder their ability to cover publication charges. As such, the journal operates a waiver policy.
    • Requests for APC waivers will be considered on a case-by-case basis, with priority given to authors from low-income countries or those facing genuine financial hardship.
    • Authors seeking APC waivers should submit a formal request, along with supporting documentation, to the editorial office at the time of manuscript submission.
  7. Refund Policy:

    • APCs are generally non-refundable once the article has been published online. Exceptions may be considered in cases of double payment, subject to approval by the editorial board.
  8. Policy Enforcement:

    • Failure to comply with APC payment requirements may result in the delay or cancellation of publication. Authors are encouraged to communicate any issues or concerns regarding APC payment promptly to avoid publication delays.

This policy aims to ensure the sustainability of the journal's publishing operations while providing equitable access to scholarly publishing opportunities for authors worldwide.