Traffic Density At The Main Entrances To The City Of Samarra

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Mahmoud Ibrahim Khalaf Najm


The research concludes that the population movement is the most important, especially within cities, by linking the relationship between the population and the nature of the geographical distribution of economic and service activities, as the movement of goods, goods and services from their sources to the places of marketing and use is no less important than the field of economic development and growth. It has no value unless it is available in the right place and time. This depends on the availability of advanced road networks in terms of flexibility, ease of communication and overcoming traffic jams.

The research aims to study and analyze the traffic density at the main entrances to the city of Samarra

It also aims to reveal the role of different land uses within the city of Samarra in increasing traffic momentum or traffic density at the main entrances to the city of Samarra. Daily morning and evening, and at times of religious events, when very large numbers flock to the city of Samarra.

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Mahmoud Ibrahim Khalaf Najm

Tikrit University / College of Education for Human Sciences / Department of Geograph,