Bio-Concrete For Concrete Pavements

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Madduru.Vyshnavi, Akula. Priyanka


Concrete Is One Of The Most Extensively Used Construction Material And It Can Form Cracks Very Easily. These Cracks Escort To Reduce The Concrete Examine Life And Elevated Costs For Repairs. Even Though It Is Not Possible To Prevent crack formation, there are many types of techniques to heal the cracks. Now a day there is method to heal the cracks by using microorganisms in concrete which are environmentally friendly. This method is very effective and it is long lasting process in high demand as well. A microbial self-healing draw near is eminent by speedy and lively crack repair, and also environmentally friendly. Self-healing of concrete is described as the crack having a capable of healing itself back to the original state with chemical products by itself under certain circumstances. Mechanism of self-healing was evaluated to the formation of carbonate from the reaction between calcium ions in concrete and atmospheric CO2 dissolved in water.

Two different bacterial samples are to be considered in three different dilutions and the optimum concentration of bacterial cells to be incorporated in concrete is to be determined based on compressive strength study. The bacteria considered are Bacillus cereus, Bacillus spharecus in concentrations of 104,105 and 106 cells/ml of mixing water. The optimum concentration of bacteria obtained was 104 cells/ml for Bacillus cereus and 106 cells/ml for bacillus sphaericus. The compressive strength obtained was 41.28 N/mm2 for control specimens and 46.80 N/mm2, 38.51 N/mm2 for Bacillus sphaericus and Bacillus cereus respectively. From the obtained consequences the inclusion of bacteria in the specimens result in a momentous gain of strength due to self-healing assets of bacteria. Due to the addition of microorganisms in concrete, we achieved boost in compressive strength. From the consequences it can be finished that Bacillus cereus, Bacillus spharecus can be safely used in improving the performance of the characteristics of concrete, and hence we can effectively use the bacteria to mend cracks. Bacillus sphaericus is found to be more effective than Bacillus cereus in crack healing property.

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